30 January 2013

Everywhere: Bralettes

For the last couple of years I've eschewed my everyday bras for these sequin-embellished bralettes from Chan Luu. I love the unexpectedness of them, the sparkly peek from beneath a blouse or tee, and they are perfect for racerback tanks and halter style tops, the kinds of clothing that needs a bra, but tends to look louche or messy with one. Well here's a bra that you want to show off. 

 More recently my friend Nicole introduced me to Xirena. These colorful bralettes also have matching or mismatching bottoms and get this: they are water-friendly. For someone like me who's prone to impromptu water volleyball sessions, these are a dream come true. 
 Again, a colorful peek under your shirt, no painful underwire, and nothing here that screams underwear. These pieces are a fun little whisper of lingerie. How can you not be happy wearing one of these?

27 January 2013

Dallas: Bronze & Beautiful

I wish I had a pic to go along with this post, but you're just going to take my word for it. I just got back from Kauai and before I left I had Bronze & Beautiful Tan come to my house to give me an airbrush tan (read: i was snow white). Now, I'll be honest: this is something I'd never normally do. I can spot a fake tan from a mile away. But I trusted the person who turned me on to it. So on Monday night Bronze & Beautiful came over, set up in my bathroom and five minutes later I was a natural, toasty brown that would have normally taken me a day or two of sun time. Bottom line: I loved it. And the best part was that I was slathered in SPF the entire time I was at the beach. Skin damage averted, tan still accomplished. Deal.

15 January 2013

Dallas: Peak & Elm Cocina y Bar

¡ADM! (that's omg in spanish) Mark your calendar for February 8.
Peak & Elm finally opens.

Dallas: babyGap presents Peter Rabbit

You guys, apologies all around for the lack of posts. January has turned out to be a little crazier that I'd anticipated. Below is one of the things that's been added to my calendar:
I'm really excited about reading Emma Thompson's The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit at the Dallas Galleria's babyGap Saturday, January 26 at 11 am. Come over with a few books you'd like to donate to Milk + Bookies, all of which will be given to a local branch of Boys & Girls Club.

04 January 2013

Dallas: Warby Parker: UPDATE

So now the party is Saturday, January 12. Hope you'll come out to play.

02 January 2013

Dallas: Warby Parker

More details to come. But I hope to see you there.