27 January 2011

Off for the weekend....

I'm off early in the morning to catch a flight to Portland, Oregon for my sis-in-laws birthday. We're once again staying at the Ace and I'm so excited about hunkering down in the hotel for a cold and rainy weekend. I like to think if its design as army barrack vintage chic.
The entire hotel and its attached restaurants and coffee bar are all about community. Every morning folks gather in the lobby, grab a latte from Stumptown Coffee (you just walk through a doorway on the first floor of the hotel and you're there), and read the NY Times while it drizzles outside. I love that even though you've never laid eyes on any of the people around you, everyone just passes sections of the paper back and forth.
For dinner, Clyde Common (again, you just mosey through a door on the first floor to get there) is perfect for sharing plates and bottles of wine. There's a cozy appeal of never having to leave your hotel the entire weekend.
But I promise I will leave at least a few times. Portland's too pretty to stay in one place.

El Paso: Karla Martinez

My friend, El Paso-native Karla Martinez, has got a killer closet. And she should seeing as how she's the Fashion Market & Accessories Director for W.
I've been in her closet once when she needed a shoe change during fashion week - she changed from sky high heels to Lanvin flats - so I was super excited to see an in-depth look at everything on the coveted. such a brilliant idea for a website. brilliant.
Another thing I want to mention about Karla is Project Paz. She emailed me about the non-profit she started with a slew of her El Paso friends and last November they had their first annual fundraiser and were able to put $90,000 towards the peace-promoting projects that are desperately needed in Ciudad Juarez.

25 January 2011

Dallas: Two Art Directors and a Photographer

I should be writing, but I'm procrastinating - it's part of my process, okay - cause I'm just not feeling it right now. So I'm going back and forth between my empty word doc with its blinking cursor to looking at the Etsy shop of Two Art Directors and a Photographer.
Curated by Dallas couple Jaime and Larry Oliver, you'll find artful home decor they've handpicked from estate sales and flea markets.
They both have brilliant eyes - they are art directors after all - and I appreciate how this electrical insulator is repurposed as a paperweight.
Vintage binoculars. So great for a coffee or side table.
I'm a tea freak and I can so see this silver plated tea tin holding my Laduree and Mariage Freres tea bags.
If you really want to stir, click here to see the Oliver's home. Gorg.

24 January 2011

Marfa: JM Dry Goods

JM Dry Goods is a must-shop destination when you're in Marfa. Named after owner Michelle Teague's son, Jack Maverick, it's a fine mix of things brought back from her monthly trips to Ojinaga, Mexico and goodies she buys elsewhere.
Lots of bike riding happening in this town...
Found antlers and a studded leather gun holster...
Dyed palm leaves that have been woven into strands - maybe for wearing, but I bought mine for display...
Pretty hand-blocked fabric. Nice for a tablecloth...
I bought one of these Mexican house dresses. Reminds me of my grandmother and I've been wearing as a night gown. Once it gets warmer, I may pair with some heels for a night out.
It was super cold when we were there and the shop girl used this propane heater to warm up the space.
Cigar box to you, but cash register to her...
Dried sage leaves to burn to chase the bad stuff away....

Dallas: Olsen Twins

Obviously this photo is not from this morning, but around 9:15 this morning the Olsen twins were spotted at Starbucks on Northwest Hwy and Midway Road.

21 January 2011

Everywhere: YSL Tribtoo

I can't stand it anymore. I've tried to not buy a pair of Tribtoos, but now that the new nude suede for spring is out, I don't know how much longer I can hold off. But why, why, why are they so expensive? Hurts to think about.
Is there anything that will make legs look longer, skinnier, and more tan? I think not, darling.

20 January 2011

Marfa: Food Shark

The food standards in Marfa are incredibly high for such a blip of a town. Gotta blame all the city slickers who've jumped the urban ship for a quieter, slower way of life out there. One such spot you must eat is Food Shark. The mobile food van is parked under the downtown pavilion Tues-Fri, 11:30 am-3 pm.
I ordered a Marfalafel off the regular menu and then a slew of things from the chalkboard daily specials.
It was far too cold to sit at the Donald Judd tables
So we gathered our order
And headed inside Food Shark's dining car, a gutted school bus with booths, condiments, and a static-y radio tuned to NPR. Word to the wise: If you have an iPhone, it's best to turn it off inside the bus. Otherwise your signal interferes with the radio and you'll get the stink eye from locals while calling your friends to tell them you're finally eating inside that school bus in Marfa that the New York Times wrote about.
Love the Christmas light accents
and the bar seating in the back

19 January 2011

Marfa: Golden Tumbleweed

A few days ago I told you about snatching some errant tumbleweeds that were whirling through the Marfa airport. When I got home, I hightailed it to Home Depot for some metallic gold spray paint and voila: the golden tumbleweed. Sounds like an annual award or something, but I rather like how this one turned out.
Just the thing I needed for some height and texture on my coffee table.
My formal living room has changed over the last few months thanks to Shelby Wagner. He's the interior consultant extraordinaire who switched out all the brown stuff I had in there and lightened it up with grays and creams. He even found that amazing Knoll Barcelona chair for me on ebay which ended up being a thoughtful Christmas gift from Mr. H.

18 January 2011

Dallas: Shelly Musselman

An aerial view of West Texas for the darling Shelly Musselman. 1951-2011.
Photo by Karla McKinley

14 January 2011

Marfa: Getting there

Nothing makes me more nervous than taking off. I'm the person who's making the sign of the cross, sweating, breathing hard, and overall having a tough time.
Thank goodness I had this by my side. A cooler filled with Coors Light, Titos, and Topo Chico.
Landed in one piece - although slightly buzzed - in the desolate West Texas landscape.
We were there to shoot the fall 2011 lookbook for Koch. And, people, let me tell you: The clothes KILL.
Our fearless leader: L.A. photog Bret Gum
Don't think for one minute that I didn't snatch up this tumble weed to take home with me. A few coats of gold spray paint and this will make Kelly Wearstler drool.
After getting in and then heading to Hawk Hill, the 6,000 acre Marfa ranch owned by the incredible-in-every-way Kathy Bracewell - KB, you know WE DIE over you! - we headed to dinner at Cochineal.
Dinner led to check in at the Hotel Paisano (since we checked in late, they just taped our room keys to the front door) which led to styling the following day's clothing for the shoot until 1:30 am. Then it was off to bed and out like a night.

13 January 2011

Marfa: Dispatch from the Trans Pecos

Just landed in Dallas and dog tired from a whirlwind trip. Will have some terrific posts about what turned out to be the wackiest visit to Marfa. In the meantime, here's a pic of of my Indian dance in front of Liz Lambert's teepee at El Cosmico. Muchas gracias por todo, Jason Harler, Isadora McKeon, and, of course, la reina of all things Texas cool, Lizicita!

11 January 2011

Marfa: And I'm off...

...to the Trans Pecos through the rest of the week for a photo shoot. Have a lovely week, my dears. Will have the latest Marfa scoop - can't wait to see what new stuff Michelle Teague is carrying at JM Dry Goods - for you later this week.

10 January 2011

Everywhere: Loco for Lace

Can we please talk about the insane goodness that is happening with the January Free People catalog? How have I never given this place a long, hard look? I've been so blind. Here are a few of my faves:

Sheer navy harem pants. I brought back a dozen pairs of these from India last October, but they have wild prints (which you know I have a hard time with). These are the perfect combo of exotic - the cut - but straightforward - the navy hue.
Lace tank. What's not to love? Please stop me from this lace overdrive I'm about to shift into.
Lace a-line tank. Again, it's a win-win. When will the weather participate for my wardrobe cravings?

Dallas: Barrett Alley

Obsessed. Utterly obsessed with the leather and craftsmanship of Barrett Alley's handmade leather wallets and bracelets. All made here, BTW.
Alley uses vegetable-tanned leather and vintage Japanese and American fabrics for the interior linings.
These are the kind of items that cannot be mass produced, as it's all about the heirloom quality.
This braided bracelet would be right at home on my left wrist, which is already piled high with an assortment of cloth and metal bangles.
Bart Fassino, thank you for introducing me to this line. It so looks like something you would wear when you're not donning one of your dapper suits.
This number would be fantastic with a bikini on a warm coastline somewhere. Can you tell I'm getting that itch to get out of town?