26 April 2012

Austin: Roadhouse Relics

I moved a couple of months ago and the new house has a lot more wall space than our previous home. 
 I've been itching for a new piece of neon, Dan Flavin-esque art, but after coming across Roadhouse Relics, I'm certain that I'm going to commission them to make something for us. 
 Owner/artist Todd Sanders has been creating these pieces for 15 years and I must say, I absolutely love them. I can so see one of these in my home. Now I just have to figure out what exactly it's gonna be. 
All images from Roadhouse Relics

22 April 2012

Fort Worth: Sheridan French

About a year ago I wrote about Fort Worth's Sheridan French for FD Luxe. Back then she was designing tunics, dresses, and shorts in beautiful fabrics that she found on her travels. 
 Now she's naturally segued into home decor and these place mats, napkins rings, and napkins are so pretty and bright and are inspiring me to do a little entertaining. 
 And if you can't tell from my previous post, I have a thing for a purple and orange color combo. 
 Even my daughter's room is decorated in that color scheme.
Click here to go directly to Sheridan's website and click here to read her blog, The Southern Eclectic. 

16 April 2012

Everywhere: Salvatore Ferragamo

The last two months I've been hellbent on finding the perfect pair of warm-weather stilettos. Not some ominously high platform shoes, but something super sexy and simple in design. After several trips to stores and searching websites, I came to find that the sandal stiletto was practically near extinction. 
 Until I discovered these Ferragamos. Now, I know what you're thinking. Ferragamo? Brings to mind old rich patrician ladies. And to be honest I'd never stepped in a Ferragamo boutique in my life. 
 But these shoes, with their oh-so simple 70s inspired design in candy-bright colors, are anything but dowdy. Can't you just imagine Liza or Bianca dancing in these at Studio 54?
So I proudly purchased these shoes on Friday and peacocked about in them Friday night. And I've never received so many compliments. 

05 April 2012

Austin: Petrified Design

Um, kind of flipping out over these chairs from Petrified Design. All of their pieces are handmade using refurbished and recycled material. 
 The curved wood on this rocking chair (above) was taken from a wine barrel.
 This one above has a deep seat reminiscent of an Eames chair.
 Check out their designs at their Etsy shop here or you can commission them to create a custom piece. 

Everywhere: Moleskine

This week I've been putting together C & P's Easter baskets and all the candy out there is driving me nuts. They'll definitely get chocolate bunnies, but I've strayed away from too many sweets this year in favor of utilitarian picks like these brightly colored Moleskine notebooks. 
As I writer, I always have my black Moleskine with me and it's jammed with random doodles from my kids. I think it's time they have their own to fill with scribbles. 

02 April 2012

Dallas: Manic Monday

I've got this Tom Ford lipstick in a bright lush pink hue called Flamingo and I've only worn it once. I've been afraid I'll look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. But I think if I come at it from a casual perspective, if I dress it down, I could make it work. I essentially have this outfit and I'm gonna go for it with today's 82 degree temps. Hot day, hot lips. Let you know if I get any (bad) double takes. 
1. Tom Ford lipstick in Flamingo 2. J Crew striped cashmere sweater 3. K Jacques 4. Honeydew boy shorts
5. J Brand cut offs 6. Dezso by Sara Beltran shark tooth necklace