29 April 2011

El Paso: Sara Beltran

Just got off the phone with my dear friend Sara Beltran who just arrived in Careyes to celebrate her birthday month of May and she told me she's on Vogue.com giving readers her inside tips on shopping Jaipur and Tulum. Click here to read the full article.
Sara's line Dezso is a favorite of mine and I've had one of her necklaces on since I bought at her apartment in Jaipur last October. I've tied the string in a knot and it's going to stay on me until it falls off. Dezso is available in Texas at Forty Five Ten and they just received a new shipment.
Photo courtesy of Vogue.com

26 April 2011

Dallas: Amber Venz

One of my favorite girls is celebrating a big day this Thursday, April 28. Amber Venz, founder of Venz Edits, is having a bash to commemorate the one-year anniversary of her daily newsletter and blog. You do read her, right?
In her usual altruistic manner, Venz's party benefits Paws in The City and 30 percent of the sales of her eponymous jewelry line will go to the no-kill animal shelter. Consider this your chance to finally see Angie Barrett's fine One Arts Plaza 23rd floor home. She's the host. RSVP at RSVP@AmberVenz.com.

25 April 2011

San Antonio: Blue Star Contemporary Art Center

I hope you already have your ticket for the annual Red Dot Fundraiser for Blue Star Contemporary Art Center. The May 26th art sale will benefit Blue Star programs while also giving the participating artists 50 percent of the sale price of their donated piece.
And don't fret about what you're going to wear. This Wednesday night from 5 -8 pm, my favorite SA boutique, Meadow, will host a cocktail party where you can get 10 percent off your purchase and be automatically entered for a chance to win two tickets to the big event.

19 April 2011

Shiner: Shiner Ruby Redbird

I've never been a beer drinker, but since my friend Karla introduced me to her "beer-tini" (a combo of beer poured over crushed ice, fresh lime juice, in a salted rim glass) I've re-thought my aversion. The lime, salt, and ice make the richness of the brew light and super refreshing. So when I saw Shiner's seasonal beer, Ruby Redbird, made with grapefruit from the Valley and ginger I gave it a whirl.
I love ginger. I love grapefruit - from the years of me going down to the Valley with my 18-wheeler driving grandfather to haul his load of watermelons and citrus for Lyssy & Eckel. Now, all you beer aficionados will likely gag when I tell you that I poured this stuff over some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and then gave it a dash of salt and it was just what I needed yesterday afternoon as I watched my kids play in the water hose. My new summer drink.

18 April 2011

Everywhere: American Apparel leather pouch

What I bought this weekend. American Apparel's leather pouch. The perfect medium-size zip- top bag in an array of colorfully dyed leathers to use as an evening bag or to store things in while traveling.

Houston: Britt Maren

Just more proof that the most striking models are always Texans. Feeling lots of love right now for Houston-reared Swede, Britt Maren. Can you get over that face?
This was before she chopped her hair
Which was definitely the right way to go

15 April 2011

Dallas: Roopal Patel

Roopal Patel, the gorgeous senior market editor of women's accessories for Neiman Marcus, is in Dallas today and makes an appearance at NM Northpark at 11 am to talk shop.

I like reading the NM blog and I especially liked her entry when she road tested handbags, shoes and bracelets.
Click here to see what's in her closet - loving her penchant for bright shoes!

13 April 2011

Dallas: BluePrint

Have you been to BluePrint yet? I'm so behind the curve on this one. It's been on my list for months now - since at least December - and I'm going to make a point of heading there this week. I need a little home inspiration at the moment, as I've been ignoring my abode for a while. Will let you know what I find in a few days.

Dallas: The Blake Wright

Blake Wright's illustrated blog always brings me back to earth when I start to get too serious. If you ever need a dose of irreverent eye- rolling humor, his blog is the spot.

11 April 2011

Houston: Prada

Looks like Houston is going to be the first official Texas city to have a freestanding Prada store.
The store will open this November in the Galleria near Max Mara.
And even more good news for Miucca fans: this summer a Miu Miu boutique will also open in the Galleria.

08 April 2011

Dallas: The Dallas Contemporary

There's more where this came from. Don't be the only person in Dallas not to attend the Juergen Teller/Ezra Petronio opening tonight at The Dallas Contemporary.
Photo courtesy of Juergen Teller

Marfa: Ballroom Marfa

Ballroom Marfa's benefit and auction dinner is next Tuesday, April 12 in New York City and you can now view the art up for auction online. My favorite is Leo Villareal's Target, an LED and acrylic piece from this year. Minimum bid for this: $12,000.
Proxy bids are accepted for this event. If you're interested - I wish I could be interested - call Andrea Salerno at MF Productions, 212.243.7300 or andrea@mfproductions.com.

07 April 2011

Dallas & Houston: Eva Longoria

Corpus Christi's Eva Longoria will be at Dallas and Houston William-Sonoma stores this Sunday, April 10 to sign her new cookbook, Eva's Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends. What do you think about this book? Something about Eva Longoria and cooking just hits a false note for me. I love this interview with Prevention magazine where she suggests eating her guacamole with tortilla chips.
Click here for exact times, locations, and proof of purchase rules for the book signing.

05 April 2011

Dallas: DCC & TOMS

Just one more reason to love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Today the squad and the Salvation Army are doing a barefoot walk for TOMS 4th annual day without shoes.
Everyone is welcome to join in so make your way out to Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Plaza, entry H) this evening for the 6:30 pm shoeless walk around the stadium.

02 April 2011

Dallas: Trina Turk

Ray Washburne's latest addition to his Highland Park Village retail playground is Trina Turk.
Slated to open this summer TT will occupy 1,300 square feet of space right next door to Vince and MR Architecture and Decor "will recreate the atmosphere of a bright garden courtyard with arched alcoves surrounding the space."
Let's play who will be the next retailer. Any guesses?