29 February 2012

Dallas: The Gem

Headed over to The Gem this morning to slurp down one of their signature fresh pressed Green Glow. I swear I think it's more of a pick me up than coffee.
You can read more about Leslie Needleman and Mary Kathryn Bass's new juice pressery and lounge in this month's FD.

28 February 2012

Dallas: The Office of Angela Scott

I want, I want, I wannnnnttttttt....
 Mr Smith in pink and red. Do yourself a favor and go to Scott's tumblr and scroll through gorgeous inspiring photographs. 
 And do yourself another solid by donning some of the kicks from her spring collection

27 February 2012

Dallas: Megan Adams

How pretty are these melamine plates designed by Megan AdamsNeimanMarcus.com just picked them up this season and I love the color combinations that Adams used.  
Adams did undergrad at SMU and grad school at UNT. I've been a fan of her original textiles for the past couple of years and I'm happy to see that she's dipping further into the home category with these new plates. 

24 February 2012

Dallas: The Jumping Jacks

If you like good photography and cute pit bulls, then click here to see Dallas-based writer Jason Sheeler's new photojournal revolving around his adorable dog Jacks. 
It's artful, poetic photography and there's no reading required. Which is sometimes just what you need when you're constantly inundated with information. Consider it a weekly breathing space. 

23 February 2012

Amarillo: Cadillac Ranch + Vogue

Love the feature spread in this month's Vogue shot at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.
 Gotta hand it to Stanley Marsh 3 for funding the art installation that's located on his land. 
 Visitors to the site are encouraged to add their own bit of graffiti and scribbles to any of the 10 cars nose-planted into the ground. 
Photos from here.

20 February 2012

Houston: David Peck

Just a few of my favorite spring looks from Houston-based designer David Peck.
 Peck, who btw is super easy to look at, plays the cello, graduated from Parsons Paris School of Art & Design, and worked at Paco Rabanne. 
 He launched his line a couple of years ago and it's all designed and produced in Houston.
 This grey and white strapless gown is gorgeous. It's made from organic cotton poplin/voile. I can just imagine how heavenly and light it must feel to wear. 
 What do you think? Are you as drawn to his designs as I am?

13 February 2012

Fort Worth: Holy Kombucha

Have you ever tried this stuff? I just drank some last week and I've been thinking about its sweet fizziness ever since. 

Kombucha is a fermented black tea, natural detoxer and overall pick me up. Holy Kombucha is a brand I just happen to now love because of their business model and mission. Read about it here
I just wish the HK was easier to find. It's a little elusive and I wish you could at least order it online. 

12 February 2012

Houston: The Little Bird, Inc

Go ahead. Make your way to The Little Bird, sip some champs, and shop Keele Lloyd's consigned Dolce, Cavalli, Givenchy, and Chanel. Consider it a Valentine's Day gift to yourself. 
You can read about her and other top Houston tastemakers in this article I wrote for the December issue of Departures. 

11 February 2012

El Paso: Dezso at NYFW

I had high hopes of posting these pics on Thursday night, but considering that I didn't get back to my hotel until who knows what time and then my computer cord almost electrocuted me, well, it didn't happen.
 But here are some shots from Sara Beltran's Thursday afternoon show in Chelsea at Root Studios.
 Sara had seven models clad in some simple and chic black wetsuits to let the jewelry be the focal point. 
 The models, some on chairs that Sara designed in India, were positioned around big pieces of driftwood with diamond-embedded neon pink shark jaws hanging from the ceiling while a series of iphone shots she took of some neon cord she shaped into a wave hung on the walls. Proof that things needn't be fussy or overdone for major impact.
Tomorrow I'll post some more shots of some pieces that will make you flip.

07 February 2012

Everywhere: No Pudge

Am I the last to arrive at the No Pudge party? I recently had more than my fair share of No Pudge brownies at a dinner party and I couldn't believe that they're all natural and fat-free. Have you guys every tried these? 
You add non-fat yogurt to the mix - or applesauce if you want lactose-free - bake, and out comes some of the chewiest brownies I've ever sunk my teeth into. So random, but so good. 

Dallas: Koch Fall 2012

Want a sneak peek at Koch's fall 2012 collection? Check out this new James Gilbert-directed and 
-produced video shot entirely in Detroit, the city that served as part of the inspiration for the collection. It's moody, sexy, playful, all things that I think make up a Koch girl. Enjoy!

05 February 2012

Dallas: Sterling Moore

They may not have won, but the Patriot's Sterling Moore rocked it tonight. Read here about the SMU alum's inspiring story. 

Everywhere: Nopal chairs

Dying over these. Traditional with a whimsical nod to the Nopal cactus. Available here.

01 February 2012

Dallas: palmer//harding

A friend who's written about palmer/harding in the past sent me a link last month to a piece on them that ran in British Vogue.
 The same article ran again in American Vogue's February issue and I was excited to see former El Centro student Levi Palmer getting major recognition stateside.  
 Palmer studied pattern making and womenswear at the downtown Dallas Community College before moving to London to study at Central Saint Martins.
His and his design partner Matthew Harding's beautifully artful take on a wardrobe's most basic staple makes me wonder what they would do if they produced an entire RTW collection. I have a gut feeling I'd be smitten.

Houston: H&M

They've finally announced it: H&M is set to open not one, but two stores this year in Houston. In the next few months one will open at Baybrook Mall and Willowbrook Mall will welcome a store come fall.