14 January 2010

Kuai Dumplings and Soup

Had the best lunch today with Jennifer Chininis from D Magazine. JC was my editor for three years when I was on staff at D and we continue to work together and maintain a great friendship. Now that D's office are downtown, she's discovered the underground tunnels and all the yummy food offerings down below.
We went to Kuai for dumplings, soup, and spring rolls and it was so satisfying. We entered the tunnels through Renaissance Tower on St. Paul and meandered through the subterranean hallways filled with office drones from the assorted corporate farms above.
I ordered four chicken dumplings, $3.
Dipped them in spicy ginger and soy sauce.
And ate a perfectly proportioned cup of fro yo. It's free to everyone who eats at Kuai. Click here to find a tunnel entrance closest to you so you can eat for yourself.

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