15 January 2010

Bows and Arrows

I was at Pearl Cup this afternoon getting my latte and while waiting I saw some postcards about a flower design workshop in February at Bows and Arrows on Greenville Avenue (not to be confused with Bows and Arrows in Austin). Hold up. I live around the corner. I stop by and have the biggest pang of envy I've had in a long while when I step inside and discover the coolest little indie flower studio amongst the bars and pawn shops on the nightlife strip.
The owners are wife and husband Alicia and Adam Rico who moved here from Brooklyn where she worked as a floral designer. She's now bringing that chic urban aesthetic to East Dallas.
Two-headed lamb. Love.
You know from this post I've had a serious case of floral design obsession and I think I've found a spot to make all those ranunculus dreams come true. The next workshop is Feb 11 (which I'm signed up for. Who's in?) and one more is March 4. $100, materials included.
Milk glass

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