14 January 2010

Which Wich

Our friends Courtney and Jeff Sinelli just celebrated the opening of their 100th Which Wich store, the coolest concept ever in the food/restaurant biz. They've worked their tails off for the past six years and their concept has skyrocketed in the last few. A mind-blowingly good banana chocolate chip cake from AJ Bakery on Oak Lawn was washed down with champagne and margaritas to honor the crew who've helped them get this off the ground. In Courtney's other life, she's a talented writer - with one screenplay under her belt - and you can read about her fave spots, gifts, shops, etc. on her blog Life-Content.


  1. KR - It's B. Curran...I don't have your email but had to tell you that I'm LOVING your blog! And so glad you just shared Courtney's! Hope all is well! XO

  2. Hi Lovie! Thanks for reading!!