19 May 2010

Dallas: Central Market & Argentina

OMG. Just returned from an amazing night of all things Argentine. I went to a private dinner hosted by Central Market with a menu created by Argentina's most famous export, chef Francis Mallmann, who essentially looks like the spawn of Ralph Lauren, Spalding Gray, and Einstein. Which means he's actually kind of hot. But again, you know I love older men.
Mallmann's theory about cooking is that nothing more than a hot flame and a few herbs or salt is needed for the perfect meal. Everything is cooked on a fire and this what I came upon before I sat down for dinner.
This is what the animal looked like plated and I must say that the lamb was remarkably tender. It cooked for 7.5 hours and was served with grilled potatoes, arugula, and roasted almonds. The La Posta Pinot Noir was served perfectly cool at just about 63 degrees.
After that I completely geeked out - as only a journalist would - when I spotted Michael Pollan grilling half of Mallmann's menu. Pollan cooked my food, people! How amazing is that? Pollan is working on his next book which is about the significance of cooking with fire and its attribution to human evolution and he flew down for a bit of research. I love his writing, his opinion on the slow food/real food movement, and Food, Inc., is a film I've recommended to everyone I know.
After too many Malbecs this is where I ended up.
This is the only way you'll ever see me tango.


  1. I declare - that roasting goat appears to be doing a HERKIE!

  2. oh! I thought it was a roasted lamb. did we even eat goat last night?

  3. oooh i'm jealous ;-) i have a HUGE crush on michael pollan...dreamy.

  4. You're too cute!!