25 May 2010

Dallas: Tread update

I'm on a roll this week with Tread - on my 4th class of the week tomorrow - as pool time is this weekend and the bikini is coming out. I'm basically kicking it into high gear. Tonight when I went to class I was so happy that I signed up online because it was packed with Tread Heads and they all added to the energy of the class.
One word summary of tonight: Ah-mazing!
If you were like me in the beginning of April, someone who wanted to workout again, but wasn't sure how or where to start, I'm telling you this is the place for you. There is major camaraderie here - everyone is giving each other the same knowing looks "This is hard" and once you're done "I can't believe we just did that" and you walk out feeling exhilarated. If you were ever involved in team sports, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Tracy Hayes, Dallas' undisputed voice on style and ed in chief at F!D Luxe and I have talked about this at length: Why is this workout so dang addictive? Well, two things: You are pushed to do your best - whatever that may be for you. Maybe it's walking, maybe it's running, maybe even sprinting. Whatever it is, you figure it out and do it. And secondly, the feeling of accomplishment once you see and feel your body getting stronger is incredibly empowering.
I smell franchise. And since franchise extraordinaire Jeff Sinelli - he of Genghis Grill, Which Wich, and Burguesa Burger - is a dedicated Tread Head, I can see him giving Brandon and Bart the 1, 2, 3's of how - when the time comes - to get this thing to the next level.
All photos courtesy of Treadfitness.com


  1. We need this in Austin -- I am so jealous we don't have anything like this . . .yet!