04 May 2010

Dallas: Tread Fitness

You know that place I've been working out? Well, this morning I looked through my photos from the class that I hosted there last week and just to the right of those water bottles are the guns of the person who yells at me - with a smile of course - three times a week. Even his forearms are muscular.
I've concrete evidence that the man behind the arms has helped me whittled away three inches from my waist, hips, and thighs. I've got three and a half more weeks - about 10 or so classes - until I have to be in a two-piece and I must say I'm not so scared anymore.


  1. WOW.wish there was a place around north dallas like that. its just too far from plano.
    glad its working out for you! just discovered your blog and i likey. thanks for sharing,

  2. thank you for reading, Milan!