18 May 2010

Dallas: Swimwear & Tread

I've conquered 15 Tread classes since April 12 and it's time to buy new bikinis for the summer. I've lost a total of three inches, a few pounds so that I'm now back to my normal weight, and everything in my closet fits better than ever. I also feel amazing. Feel amazing to me = looks amazing. I wanted this Tori Praver suit below - no, that is not me trying on the suit - but VOD was sold out of my size - that would be small! - so I'm looking for something similar.
I also love this Lem Lem cover up, but seriously after all the sweat and hard work I've put in I'm not in the mood for covering up.
My swimsuits are always, always black. I'm a purist and dislike busy prints or garish colors - you'll usually find me in tonal greys, blacks, nudes, more grey - but I love the eggplant color of this bandeau bikini from Victoria's Secret.
Lisa Marie Fernandez's flesh colored neoprene suit has little details that whisper "I'm wearing shapewear!" but it's still sexy. I do like the stitching and construction of the piece.
Last year I wore my Shimmi bikini into the ground and I'm all about their collection this year, too. This shade of heather grey looks as if it's terry cloth or made from a sweatshirt.
What will you be wearing this summer?


  1. VS always pleasantly surprises me with their swimsuits each season. i have yet to order one, but am loving your eggplant suggestion. Congrats on your progress at Tread, you've earned a new bikini--or three! I swear that place opened just in time to save us all from swimsuit season jitters. :)

  2. I know! I feel so much better about how I look and I'm actually excited about laying out at a pool!