24 May 2010

Dallas: WeMe Bread

I worked up a crazy appetite today after Tread Fitness, so I headed with Mr. H over to Jimmy's to grab a sandwich. I love walking in that place - the mom and pop vibe, the wine and pasta, the old school signs with the handwritten specials. But while I waited for my sandwich, I spotted a basket that said "WeMe Bread: Fresh every Thursday." I'm all like, wha? Who's making fresh bread every Thursday?
I came home, googled, and found WeMe Bread, a micro-bakery in east Dallas. Christine, the baker at hand, was spoiled by the goods she devoured while living in Spain. Hellbent on recreating the perfect pan de pueblo, she master a recipe that passed her muster and now she sells at local places around town. I adore her "About" page where she explains who she is and why she loves East Dallas.


  1. I love the idea too, but I had this bread at the Wine Therapist and it was stale. I'll have to get it fresh at Jimmy's on Thursday's.

  2. That may say more about Wine Therapist than the bread.