17 May 2010

Houston: Claridge + King

Laurann Claridge, an editor at Houston's PaperCity, and her sister Lizbeth King have hit a home run with the latest addition to Claridge + King, their menswear-inspired line of button downs, pajama pants, and tees: The Travel Set. I have a slew of trips on the horizon and I'm convinced I need this to jet off comfortably. Tucked inside a little pewter striped fabric case is a generously sized wool and cashmere blend shawl, matching ankle socks, and a cotton eye mask. When everything is taken out of the case, you can use it to cover those questionable little airplane pillows.
I'm also convinced that I won't be able to really sleep soundly until I'm wearing this every time I lie down in my California king.
Striped packaging. What's not to love?
The pretty monogram styles from which to chose if you so desire a personalized shirt.
The pajama pant.

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