07 May 2010

Dallas: Meddlesome Moth

Mr. H and I ventured out last night to the Wallflower Mgmt/F!DLuxe party at Studios1019 and then headed over to Shannon Wynne's new gastro-pub, Meddlesome Moth in the Design District. Don't let the name turn you off, as it did me - who wants to drink and eat at a place named for an annoying insect? It was a case of knowing better than to judge a book by it's name, because once we got inside it was pure love.
We got there around 9 and promptly ran into at least a dozen random friends. The warm, cozy atmosphere is anchored by a 20 foot long bar that features 40 draught beers. There are another 70 bottles of brew to chose from and I promise that even if you don't drink beer the staff will guide you to something you'll be pleasantly surprised by.
The outdoor patio was packed so we sat at the bar and ordered drinks, roasted mushrooms, and fried hominy dusted with cayenne with a squeeze of lime on top. We'll be going back again soon.


  1. Sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I was actually meaning to ask you if you had heard of/been to this place. I read about it regarding the stained glass windows from the Hard Rock Cafe--glad those weren't lost somewhere!