11 May 2010

Dallas: Estee Lauder

Attention, dear friends, have I got a deal for you. You know how just about everyone has a super great photo of themselves on Facebook, their blog, website etc....That is, everyone but you. Well this Friday, May 14 Estee Lauder wants to do your makeup and take your picture - for FREE, mind you - so you can have a professional pic for your social networking page. Call the EL counter at Neiman Marcus NorthPark at 214.363.8311 to make your appointment. You can do everything from a sexy look for your dating profile to something more conservative for your professional image and you can have it uploaded to your site while you're in-store. Brilliant.

1 comment:

  1. wow. that's a cool idea but i'm way too lazy for that. my fb photo is from the day after i had my baby, gross and fat in the hospital bed. i haven't updated it in 9 months.

    your blog is great btw, i feel more hip every time i read it. thanks.